Actor Taye Diggs is known for two things - his acting, and his reluctance to date Black women.

Well last night, Taye proved that the latter hasn't changed. The handsome actor was spotted at Hollywood A-lister Seth McFarlane's Christmas party, and Taye brought a date.

Taye's new gal was pretty, and appeared to be a Latina. She and Taye wore matching outfits to the party.


Taye split with Frozen actress/singer Idina Menzel back in 2013. The couple share a son together, Walker (9), and the two have been co-parenting since their split.

Taye went on The Talk back in October, and explained that his son approved of his newest girlfriend.

Taye told the ladies on The Talk, “I said, how do you like the new lady? And he goes, ‘It’s good. She doesn’t use a high voice when she talks to me. She talks to me like and adult.” 

“And he’s like, as soon as you do that, it’s done,” Diggs said. “But, you know, she speaks to him like an adult, and he respects that.”