Actor Mickey Rourke Flames Robert DeNiro: You Big F*cking Crybaby!!


Actor Mickey Rourke took to Instagram to fire shots at fellow actor Robert DeNiro and this is a beef we did not see coming.

Rourke was apparently upset about an interview DeNiro gave, where he called him a "liar."

"Hey Robert De Niro, that's right i am talking to you, you big f*cking crybaby. A friend of mine just recently told me that a few months back you're quoted as saying to newspapers "Mickey Rourke's a liar he talks all kind of sh*t," he wrote.

"Listen Mr.Tough Guy in the movies, you're the 1st person that ever called me a liar and it was in a newspaper. Let me tell you something, you punk ass, when i see you i swear to God on my Grandmother, on my brother and all my dogs,i gonna embarrass you severely 100%. Mickey Rourke "as God is my witness"

DeNiro has not yet responded to Rourke's roast, but he's not known for holding his tongue.

We can most likely expect a rebuttal soon.