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Actor Kaalan Walker FIGHTS BACK After Accused Of Infecting His Victims w/ AIDS!!

Actor and rapper Kaalan Walker, popular for his role in th hit movie Super Fly, has been accused of sexually assaulting several women.


In 2018, the then 23-year-old  actor was arrested and charged with nine counts of felony sexual assault and rape dating back to April 2016. Since then, fifteen women have accused Walker of sexual abuse.

R&B Singer Kehlani has come out publicly, claiming that Kaalan allegedly sexually assaulted women. And Kaalan went on social media to deny her claims - saying she is "framing: him:

Here's Kaalan denial:

According to Kaalan's accusers, they claim the actor used social media to contact women under the guise of arranging a photo shoot. The women claim the actor then sexually assaulted them when they met up expecting him to be a photographer.

Kaalan has denied the allegations and has taken to social media to say he is innocent.

"I am innocent until proven guilty," Walker said, in part, on social media. "Not guilty until proven innocent.. it's not cool. Just wait until my trial, y'all."

But since his most recent arrest in March, very damaging rumors began circulating on social media, that the actor may have infected his victims with HIV, or other diseases.

Well MTO News obtained some exclusive medical records for Kaalan, showing that he does not have the potentially deadly virus, nor does he have gonnorhea or syphillis.

Here are the medical reports, that were ordered by the court: