Actor DANIEL KALUUYA Cheating On GF . . .  With ACTRESS At Met Gala?? (PICS)

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Actor David Kaluuya appears to have been CREEPING last night at the Met Gala. Daniel is in a long term relationship with a lovely woman named Amandla. The two have been together at the Golden Globes, The Oscars, and more.

The 29-year-old Oscar-nominated actor is made his first appearance at the Met Gala after a huge year. Daniel was up for an Oscar this year for working in 2017′s Get Out and he was part of the cast of the blockbuster Marvel movie Black Panther.

But Amandla wasn't with Daniel last night. And when the cats away . . . the Wakanda warrior will play.


The paparazzi caught pics of Daniel sneaking out of the Met Gala with another actress, Cynthia Erivo. According to the paps, the two left the gala together - and went into their hotel together also.

Here are the pics:


According to Refinery29, Amandla, "She’s both stylish and beautiful but also has some acting chops. She appeared in several television shows and short films during the early 2000s. And she’s not the only one in her family to do so. Her sister is Lenora Crichlow, who has over 26 acting credits , played one part that might actually explain how Kaluuya and his boo met."