Actor Corey Feldman Accused Of Sexual Harassment & Assault

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Corey Feldman, and actor and a now-former member of the SAG-AFTRA's Los Angeles Local Sexual Harassment Committee, has been accused of sexual harassment, abuse and assault. 

According to THR, the president of the committee refused to drop Feldman despite "numerous separate, detailed complaints from women who had been subject to or witness to sexual harassment, abuse and assault," according to the national board resolution, and despite a June 17 request from union president Gabrielle Carteris.

The committee finally succumbed and dropped Feldman.

Feldman denies the claims, telling THR that the "same girls" made the "same claims" two years earlier, it was "investigated" and he was "cleared by both the Los Angeles Police Department and the District Attorney."

Feldman has been outspoken about his own experiences of sexual abuse, and created a documentary which streamed online -- allegedly naming several perpetrators. The premiere was rocked by technical difficulties and viewers were unable to see it through to the end.