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Action Bronson did not appreciate Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah being brought up during a recent podcast interview and proceeded to flame the hosts of the show.

Bronson has long been accused of stealing Ghostface's style and swag. His refusal to give it up to Ghost has caused years of tension between the two. During the interview, the hosts of KFC Radio was asked to name a figure within the hip-hop culture who he "respects" enough to be an ambassador to aliens if the aliens became hostile.

"There's lots of respect, but I don't know to that extent," said Bronson.

One of the hosts then suggests Ghostface as a possible ambassador - and that's when Bronson lost it.

"Why would we want to send him there? That's f*ckin' ridiculous, bro. I bet you think that's really cute, right, that you brought that up ... That's f*ckin' stupid. It's dumb. It's dumb."

"I was curious to hear your thoughts on the rest of the beef in the rap game. Pusha and Drake?" the host continued.

"I don't know about nothing. I don't like beef. I keep my nose clean and dirty," Bronson responded. He later told the host, "I'd like to slam you through a f*ckin' wall."

Watch the clip below.

Who could forget this iconic roast courtesy of Ghostface: