Jose Baez, the former attorney of deceased NFL star, Aaron Hernandez, is suing his former client, actress Rose McGowan, for claiming that he had been "bought off" by disgraced Hollywood exec, Harvey Weinstein.

Baez claimed McGowan defamed him in comments on Twitter and in the Daily Beast, the New York Times, and on CNN. 

Last year, McGowan spoke to the Daily Beast about Baez, who was working on her defense team before hopping over to Weinstein's: 

"This is a major conflict of interest, but I knew there was shadiness going on behind the scenes … This is why my case didn't go to trial — my instinct was my lawyers had been bought off." She told the Times, "Baez did nothing for my case and now I know why. A truly terrible human and a disgrace of a lawyer."

But Baez says that he was only on retainer if her case went to trial, and denies her allegations:

 "McGowan knew that her criminal conviction harmed her reputation and her ability to sell her new book, 'Brave.' As a result, McGowan and her attorneys … concocted a malicious scheme to salvage McGowan's reputation at the expense of the reputation of Baez," the suit reads.

 "Defendants … have gone so far as to astonishingly contend that Weinstein somehow planted the … cocaine in McGowan's wallet … and that McGowan should thus never have [pleaded] guilty."