Aaron Carter Shoves Lamar Odom Ahead Of Boxing Match!!

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Aaron Carter and Lamar Odom already got physical ahead of their celebrity boxing match during a promotional appearance -- Aaron Carter shoved his opponent during the press conference.

"I don't give a f*ck how big you are don't say dumb sh*t under your breath. The press conference went well .... but don't think I'm some chump I'll take you to church real quick," Carter wrote.

"He said "I'm gonna make this speech 🎤 short just like this fight" @celebrityboxing1 we'll see about that. @lamarodom The Bigger They are the harder they fall. Don't f*cking test me how many times I gotta tell y'all jokers 🃏"

Carter and Lamar Odom are set to face off in a three-round Celebrity Boxing Match scheduled for June 12 at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City.


The former NBA star stands at 6ft10in, is nine inches taller than Carter but the former pop singer has age on his side and says he's been training hard at the gym.

Y'all think Aaron Carter stands a chance against Lamar Odom?