Aaron Carter is now dating industry escort, Jenna Shae, after a string of bizarre events and interviews over the past few weeks.

The pair appeared together on the No Jumper podcast and were extremely affectionate with one another as they spoke fondly about their union.

Jenna is known for sleeping with Lil Wayne, Tyga, James Harden, Soulja Boy, Lil Twist, Lamar Odom, Fabolous, Yung Berg, and Rob Kardashian. During the interview, she claimed that she had not publicly dated a celebrity since Soulja Boy back in 2013.

Earlier this year, Jenna claimed to be celibate and claimed that the next person she would be sexually intimate with would be somebody that she cared about and is in love with instead of somebody that is paying her for her services.

Aaron made headlines this summer after he made claims that his famous brother Nick Carter had abused him and even allegedly raped an elderly woman.

Check out Aaron and Jenna's No Jumper interview below.

Y'all think they make a great couple or nah?