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Love & Hip Hop star's A1 Bentley and Tokyo Vanity went at each other on social media yesterday - with each launching a tirade of verbal attacks.

And both A1 and Tokyo fired some devastating shots.

It started out when Tokyo Vanity left a shady message on one of A1 Bentley's posts.

A1 immediately clapped back on Tokyo Vanity, by referring to her as "Fatty LaBelle."

But Tokyo is known for her witty comebacks, and so she returned fire to her  Love & Hip Hop reality co-star - calling him a "broke Ty Dolla $ign."

And she continued to bash A1 Bentley, saying that he looks like a "divorced auntie," and claimed that his body was shaped like a "melted Snickers bar." She also claimed that A1's jacket looks like a Swiffer duster.

A1 Bentley came back with a second round of jokes. He called Tokyo "Big Shirley" and "Precious", and claimed that she had "cellulite on her chin."

A1 Bentley has been accused of having an affair. And his marriage to Lyrica Anderson is reportedly on the rocks.

Here's the full back and forth:


Tokyo Vanity is very vocal on social media.

She never holds back on her opinions and it’s led to a feud with Chris Brown recently.