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A1 And Safaree From Love & Hip Hop FIGHT . . . Safaree Admits Lyrica 'TRIED TO F*CK'!!!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is about to get EXTRA GOOD next week. MTO News spoke with a producer who told us that FIREWORKS are about to erupt on the show. In next week's episode Safaree is confronted by A1 - over whether he had s*x with A1's wife Lyrica.

The producer spilled the tea EXCLUSIVELY to MTO News. She told, "A1 asked Safaree did he have s*x with his wife and Safaree denies it. But messy azz Ray J keeps instigating the situation and he gets Safaree to admit that he could have smashed, but he turned her down."

That's when, according to the producer, A1 jumps over the table and tried to attack Safaree. Don't worry, Safaree was OK. Security managed to break it up before anyone got hurt.


Singer Lyrica Anderson has been the center of attention during season 5 of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood,” but it looks like she may not be reappearing on season 6 of the franchise.

Anderson and her husband A1 have been involved in a series of drama following the singer’s alleged cheating scandal. Memphis artist K. Michelle accused her former friend of trying to sleep with Safaree Samuels, but Anderson denied the rumors.

The 29-year-old apparently is over the VH1 story-line and isn’t enthused with the way she’s being portrayed this season. She took to Instagram Live story on Saturday and blasted “LHHH” production for “fake edits.”

“I hate when ppl play wit me. I will Black out on a b*tch!!! This how so f*ckingggggg disrespectful!!! N these fake a** edits!! I def do nottttt see me coming back to this show!!! Everyone lies n plays u for a storyline even the workers!!! That’s why I’m blacked out this season!! So much bullsh*t that’s not shown how really goes down n I’m tired of the disrespect! Of course my 1st time experiencing this with the franchise but I’m done now that I’m aware.”