A Top Black Sorority Has ALLEGEDLY Been PIMPING Out Young Sorors . . . To Powerful MEN!!!

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There's a scandal brewing at a top HBCU. According to reports, the local chapter of a TOP Black sorority - has been PIMPING their girls out to local businessmen.

There is still an ongoing police investigation, so for now - we're not naming any names.

According to the reports, the SORORITY would tell young sorors that they could SELL THEIR BODIES to get the money to pay their Sorority dues. And the local Sorority was PIMP HUSTLING  - the higher ups in the chapter would reportedly SET UP THE DATES with the sugar daddies..

The entire incident was BLOWN UP when one of the girls who had been SELLING HER BODY - attempted suicide. When she was in counseling, she admitted the entire scheme.

MTO News confirmed that the GEORGIA ATTORNEY GENERAL is looking into this matter. As of now - it's just ACCUSATIONS from a single girl.

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