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Less than a week after a former employee of Dame Dash accused him of sexual assault, another woman has stepped forward to accuse the media mogul of the same.

According to AllHipHop, a woman only identified as T. Harper, sent a notarized letter to court, claiming she met Dash at a restaurant in New York one night when she was a college student.

She claims that after she and her friends chatted with Dash, he invited them back to his penthouse. According to her, she accepted the inviatation and went to the penthouse. When she arrived she was later called into the master bedroom by Dash who was in nothing but a towel. She says he pushed her onto the bed and tried to force her pants down.

"As he got closer, he took his towel off and began to play with his penis. I told him I was not interested in having sex. The friend who called me back, was nowhere to be found," the letter reads according to T. Harper.

The graphic description alleges that Dash attempted to penetrate her with his penis, but when that failed, he inserted his fingers into her vagina before she fought him off by kicking him in his groin.

She went on to compare him to Harvey Weinstein:

"My Harvey Weinstein is Damon Dash. I don't want money, it's too late to file criminal charges. I do want the world to know Damon Dash is a rapist," T. Harper wrote in her letter.

Dame has not responded to these new allegations but denied the claims made last week by Monique Bunn.