A PRETTY Florida Lawyer Is Disbarred . . . After Admitting To Doing LEGAL WORK . . . In Exchange For DRUGS AND SEX!!


Linda Hadad, 42, a former public defender in Volusia County, Florida, was disbarred after she admitted to chronic drug use and to having a string of sexual relations with her clients. Astonishingly, Hahdad claims she had sex with inmates Steven Sullivan and Brandon Carson while they were still behind bars. She has been arrested five times since 2010 and her various states of inebriation can be seen in these revealing mugshots. Hadad, who came clean during a recent deposition, said she had tried meth three times, crack 10 times, cocaine 10 times, ecstasy 20 times and acid once. Astonishingly, she claims she once even rented a car for a drug dealer who paid her back in illegal narcotics.