MTO SHOCKER: Basketball Wives Star JACKIE CHRISTIE'S Grandchild . . . Is HORRIBLY BURNED . . . In A Day Care Accident!! (PICS)


Jackie Christie has a daughter named Takari, she's Jackie's daughter from a past relationship. Doug is not her father, but he's been around since she was 3 or 4. Takari and Chani are very close but she doesn't get see her youngest brother. Takari left her mother's house at an early age and was raised by her grandmother (the grandmother that died of cancer). Takari says she has no childhood memories of her mother and that her mother just came to visit occasionally. She says Jackie left her with her grandmother who struggled to provide for her while Jackie lived lavish with Doug.

Well now Takari needs help. Her son was allegedly badly burned at a day care accident. Here is what she sent us.

As you all know me and my mom don't really get along, as far as having a relationship. She says I had issues with my skin color and felt unloved when everyone else and myself says she hates me for her past life and because I didn't fit into what she tried to resurrect herself to be.

Well, last week my 8-month-old son was badly burned at daycare. Rushed to the hospital and transported to a burn unit. She has been radio silent with me every since I posted a post on FB months ago regarding having living parents and not being involved in their lives. I texted her a happy anniversary and birthday with no response, she didn't send a happy birthday wish at all to me on mine and as of recent hasn't called to ask how her grandson is after this terrible accident.

I have said from Juno the lady didn't like me and she tried to twist it in the media that it was me with the issue.. Well what issue could my infant have with her? She is about to be a grandmother again as Chantel is pregnant, I wonder if she will know that kid's name.