'90 Day Fiance's Usman Umar Denies Being A 'Romance Scammer'


Usman Umar, one of the stars of the reality television show 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, has denied his soon-to-be ex-wife Lisa's claims that he is a "romance scammer."

"To everyone listening here, it is very apparent that I am the victim of a romance scam. My husband has used TLC, his family, his friends, people around the world, I'm going to apologize to everyone here," said Lisa. "I did not know my husband Usman "Sojaboy" was that desperate to become a singer that he would use me and his family and friends."

Usman says it's all a lie.

"She said I used her for the show. She said I scammed her. I don't see what I can scam from Lisa. If really, I'm a scammer, I should go for someone who is rich," he said during an interview on Instagram Live.

He slammed his American wife for making a mere $1,000 a week.