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90 Day Fiance's Leida Margaretha has accused her husband, Eric Rosenbrook of physical abuse.

Viewers of the show were unimpressed with Leida's spoiled behavior. Leida hails from a very wealthy family from Indonesia. She was blasted for making Eric choose between her and her son and his own daughter's and demanded that he stop paying child support to his own children.

In text messages sent to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, Leida details an incident which took place between her and her husband.

"He pulled my hairs really hard and grab it until I can stand up," Leida wrote.

"And [Grabbed both of my wrists] and put me [in] the corner.

"I don’t wanna live with him anymore. I was about to kill myself with a knife. He grabbed a knife. And abused me after that."

The texts the detailed that the police were involved.

"I’m with the police and at the hospital now," Leida she wrote.

Eric has denied abusing his wife but revealed that he did wrestle a knife away from her:

"We had a fight. I had to wrestle a knife from her."

"As a result of the interaction," he claims. "The Marine came out in me.I pulled her hair to get her to stand up. As she wouldn't let me stand her up to look her in the face."

He also claimed that Leida has hit herself in the past:

"I was afriad of her hitting herself in the face again. She's done that before. And I had to restrain her."

Leida is now claiming that she was hacked.

Almost all of the couples from the recent series of 90 Day Fian