Darcey Silva, one of the stars of 90 Day Fiance, has said that she is proud of the way that he handled her humiliating breakup with ex, Tom Brooks.

Tom asked Darcey to meet with him. Ahead of the meeting, he told producers that he was seeing somebody else, but he still wanted to see if there was a chance that he and Darcey could reconcile.

Darcey was not here for his shenanigans and shut him down, then he turned nasty and tried to break her down -- but viewers were pleased to see the reality television star refuse to break down in front of him.

"I felt good walking away. I needed to do that for myself. I didn’t want it to get overly heated or anything. I just felt in the moment he wasn’t being authentic, and he was kind of just throwing stuff out there. I was just like, this is not who I am," she told Hollywood Life.

"You don’t need to tell me who I am as a person. You should know better than that. I just felt like he was trying to cover up how he was treating me for a while. I just didn’t appreciate that. I wasn’t going to take that and that attitude. I have a voice just like he did. I’ve always been there for him. I’ve done a lot of things for Tom throughout our relationship. He was there for me, especially after the Jesse thing, so for him to say that was kind of a low blow. Not only that, but the other comments he said, I was just not having it."