Viewers were locked into the final part of the 90 Day Fiance: Tell All, and were happy to see Larissa Dos Santos Lima flaunting her new boyfriend in front of a teary-eyed Colt.

Larissa and Colt Johnson are officially divorced, and Larissa revealed that she still had a court case looming after Colt and his mother, Debbie called the police on her several times, citing domestic violence.

Larissa has always maintained that she has been treated poorly by Colt and his mother and had no hesitations flaunting her new boyfriend, Eric in front of Colt - who broke down in tears, professing his love for the Brazilian hottie.

But the controlling mama's boy Colt received little sympathy from viewers, and the way that he and his mom verbally abused Larissa on-screen - some understood why Larissa might have lashed out at her ex-husband.

Here are a few of the reactions to the reunion tell-all.