Viewers of the reality television show, '90 Day Fiance' are urging Nicole to kick Azan to the curb!

It's been years, and the pair have yet to tie the knot. The last series, we saw that Azan was refused a visa to the United States, possibly because of another similar situation he may have had with a lady from France.

Nicole was then forced to fly to Morroco, taking her young daughter May along with her. Nicole's parents coughed up $6,000 so that she could tie the knot to Azan in Morroco with the hopes of later bringing him back to the U.S. - but somehow Azan talked her into ditching the wedding and pumping the money into a beauty store which has yet to materialize.

Azan does not work. Instead, he relies on the money Nicole sends him every month. Fans have taken to social media to beg Nicole to wake up and ditch Azan, who obviously does not love her and is using her for her coins!