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90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima has revealed that she is still longing after her ex-husband Colt Johnson via her Instagram.

Larissa, who recently broke up with her new boyfriend, Eric Nichols, was feeling nostalgic and posted some pictures of Coltee on her social media.

"I have one thousand men that want [to] date me, but I don't want [to] because I love Colt. I love Coltee, and that's it. I cannot date anymore because I think too much about my marriage. One of the topics that I say to Corey yesterday was about my marriage that I feel so sad that when I remember Coltee and everything," she said via Instagram Live.

Larissa lashed out at 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star after she was accused by Evelin Villegas of dating her ex Corey Rathgeber behind her back.

The words are shocking considering Larissa mocked and laughed at Colt during the show's tell-all - flaunting Eric in his face. But now Colt has moved on - Larissa wants that ol' thing back!

"Thinking about the past made me realize it is like walking into a home where you once lived. You see the dining room and remember the good times, but you cannot forget what made you leave. You realize that a bigger house and nice furniture couldn't fix the problems anymore. I sit in the living room, watching the same old movie over and over again through tears and fear. Seeing that the dirt is still there, sadness hidden under the carpet, I decide to walk out and close the door and never look back again."