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90 Day Fiance's Colt Johnson has apologized after he was filmed during the show's tell-all episode getting into an altercation with cast members Chantel Everett, Ashley Martson and Nicole Nafziger.

"I know I'm [sic] made mistakes, disappointments, and failures, but trust me, there is a part of me worth keeping," Johnson, 34, said via his Instagram Story. "I am sorry for my mistakes and all I can say is that I'll spend every day trying to be the best me I can. But I'm not doing it for you, I am doing it for me."

An insider revealed to InTouch Weekly why there was tension from the beginning of the show:

"While the audience may have been confused as to why Ashley was irritated having to sit next to Colt at the tell-all special, it's because he went at her backstage even though it wasn't seen," the source said. 

"He asked Ashley if she had scammed anyone lately and called her 'Trashley.' They got into it and it actually was more explosive than the fight they showed with Chantel, as Ashley was yelling at him much louder than Chantel yelled at him. Then when she got sat next to him she was like 'Oh for f*cks sake, seriously?' They also didn't show that."

Nicole also had a few words about Colt's behavior:

"I don't judge other cast members and I would hope that they felt the same way to not judge my relationship. I only know the cast members when I meet them in person. Everyone was really nice except Colt. He came ready to be rude. You could tell by the way he was taking jabs at everyone. Other than that, I don't have any words about him or his relationship," Nicole added.