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Viewers of 90 Day Fiance were left stunned as couple Angela, and Michael received some bad news during the last episode - Michael's visa was denied.

Angela filed Michael's K-1 visa to get approved so that he could move to Georgia from Nigeria. She has traveled to Nigeria at least twice to spend time with Michael, who has patiently waited for the paperwork to get approved. But during a Facetime call, Michael told Angela that his visa had been denied.

"I've already been to Nigeria twice .... what more do they need, a porno?" Angela said.

Previously, Angela has threatened to ditch Michael if his visa was not approved:

“If Michael fails this interview, I told him, ‘we’re probably done.’ What else is there to do? I don’t have the strength. I’m not getting younger. It’s either the K-1 or K-done,” she shared.

Will Angela dump Michael or will she stand by her man?