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The drama between 90 Day Fiancé stars Ashley and Jay is getting more and more explosive.

Ashley Martson, 32, met her husband Jay Smith, 21, while on vacation in Jamaica. The two fell in love, got married, and Jay moved to the United States with his wife. And their love story was chronicled on the reality show 90 day fiancé.

Well their relationship quickly went downhill. 

MTO News reported that Jay was taken into custody last week by ICE AGENTS, and he is facing deportation after his wife Ashley called the authorities on him.

Now we have more details surrounding why Ashley allegedly called ICE on her husband.

According to Ashley, Jay raped her. Ashley claims that during their marriage, Jay held her down and forcibly raped her. And she has text messages that appear to prove her claims.

Here's a back and forth, purportedly between Jay and Ashley shortly after the alleged rape:


Jay’s wife Ashley filed a Protection From Abuse order against Jay after she claims he broke into her home while she was on a tropical cruise last week. The order specifically barred Jay from talking about the order itself or Ashley on social media, but within 24 hours he went on Instagram and discussed their issues.

Ashley told police about Jay’s Instagram story post, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. 

He turned himself in early in the AM hours on Wednesday. If it were just a simple PFA violation, Jay would have been released pending a hearing next week. 

However, Ashley recently retracted his green card application, so that means that Jay is  in the United States illegally.

ICE immediately took the case, and is planning on deporting Jay.