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In the new season of the TLC series 90 Day Fiancé: Beyond The 90 Days, one of the stars of the show Yolanda is "dating" a British man named Williams.

Well MTO News has the tea - and apparently there is NO Williams. Yolanda is being catfished by an alleged Nigerian scammer.

On the show, Williams claims to be a restaurant owner from Manchester. He slid into Yolanda’s DMs, and the two hit it off.

After weeks of talking, Williams finally sent her Yolanda photos off himself - and in the pics, he appears to be a very handsome and muscular Caucasian man.

Here are the pics of "Williams":

As the above tweet suggests - there is no Williams. Yolanda is being catfished. 

MTO News confirmed that the images that "Williams" sent her are of a male model named Michele Di Lucchio. We reached out to reps of Michael, and they confirmed that he is not dating Yolanda.

So if there is no Williams, then who is Yolanda talking to?

Well the website Starcasm did some digging. And they claim that "Williams" is really a young Nigerian man named  Uche Gucheano Ibeh. Uche describes himself as an “entertainer” in his Instagram bio. 

Here is Uche's latest song:

So what happens next? Well nothing.

MTO News learned that Yolanda and "Williams" have split. Her Nigerian catfish asked her for money - in the form of cash cards - and she realized that she was being scammed.

Here's a post from Yolanda's Facebook page, back in July:

“Women, Ladies & I guess Men too… Don’t You HATE when a DM slide in & Start a nice friendship, talking NICELY FOR DAYS or MORE….. Then it GO SOUTH QUICKLY when he finally he POPS THE ?.. ‘CAN U GET ME A GIFT CARD!!’  #lames WASTED TIME…