Star of TLC's reality show 90 Day Fiance Larissa Dos Santos Lima has accused her husband Colt Johnson of cheating on her.

If you're not hip to the show, the show follows couples who are trying to bring their partners to the United States from a foreign country. One their visas have been granted, they have just 90 days to tie the knot.

During this series, Las Vegas resident Colt Johnson, who has lived with his mother all of his life, brings his fiance Larissa to the U.S. from Brazil. Larissa has already faced several challenges including Colt's mother, Colt's love of the ladies and American food.

Larissa shared details of the messages via her Instagram page.

"Colt is cheating [on] me with this girl!"Larissa captioned one of the photos. "And [he has] plans to use me until he [finishes] Happily Ever After.]

The alleged mistress was told by Colt in one of the messages:

"We need to stop talking for a bit." 

When she asked him why he allegedly responded: 

"Because she's violent... I just need to deal with her. Can you just not talk to her?" 

Larissa has deleted the messages, and in a now-deleted post, she wrote:

“I’m taking a break [from the] internet. Truly hurt me [seeing] my husband flirting online. I’ll be here answering my messages. My dress cost 150 by Goodwil. I’m not a gold digger. I always cleaned his house [and] took care of him. I’m good; I just want to breath. I can’t keeping posting my personal life online. I just wished that he woke up and these women stop to message him.”