90 Day Fiancé Usman & Lisa Got Married ... And Are Now Separated!!


One of the hottest couples in reality television these days is TLC 90 Day Fiancé stars Usman and Lisa. And MTO News has all the details surrounding the current state of their relationship.

Lisa is 51 and American. Her lover Usman is 30 and Nigerian, and it's his dream to come to America legally, and start a music career.

In the current season of 90 Day Fiancé, the couple is trying to get Usman's family to approve of their union. But that filming took place many months ago..

MTO News can report that since then, Lisa and Usman actually got married in Nigeria. As proof, there are a handful of wedding photos of Lisa and Usman circling the internet, showing that the couple has a legal union. 

Pictures also surfaced showing Lisa with a wedding ring tattoo and she refers to Usman as her "husband" online:


According to reports, the couple had been living in Nigeria, while waiting for Usman to get a visa. But it appears that their marriage quickly fell apart.

On February 11, Lisa changed her online relationship status to "single." Lisa also started posting snarky posts on social media, about women "stealing" her husband away. Look:

The couple is still legally married, and likely to remain married - at least until Usman gets his green card. After that . . . who knows.