'90 Day Fiancé star Fernanda Flores has accused ex-fiance Jonathan Rivera of abuse in a shocking Youtube video.

In the video titled 'My Truth,' Fernanda details her relationship with Jonathan and the alleged abuse she endured while living with him.

"I realized that he likes to drink way too much," she says in the video. "And I also realized that he did not have my best interests in mind. It was hard."

Fernanda also claimed that he would not let her have her own money, and when she became depressed, he did nothing to support her:

"He wasn't taking that seriously," her friend chimed in during the video. "When you're like that you need someone there to comfort and talk to you. She said one night she was by herself and she had the thought of taking a razor and cutting her wrist."

"The mental abuse became verbal abuse. He would tell me I'm lazy; I'm so skinny, making me not feel attractive to him anymore. 'You don't have a reason to feel that way; you have everything you need.' He would be like, 'Help yourself, Fernanda,' "Fernanda continued.

She has since pulled the 44-minute video from Youtube: