The TLC show 90 Day Fiancé is coming under fire, by Akinyi Obala, a Kenyan woman who stars on the current  season of Before The 90 Days.

Akinyi and her fiancé Benjamin are currently in Kenya, meeting with Akinyi's family and TLC has been following the couple with cameras. But according to Akinyi, they are editing the footage in ways that she feels may be construed as racist.

Akinyi went on Instagram yesterday to blast not only TLC, but her fiancé Benjamin - who she claims did not stand up for her or her relatives online. 

On the current season of the show, Benjamin visited Akinyi's family in their small Kenyan village. The show claimed that he would be the first Caucasian man to ever visit her village. 

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days had been hyping up the meeting between Benjamin and Akinyi’s brother all season long. Then edited it, according to Akinyi, to make it seem like her brother was being aggressive toward Benjamin and was picking on him.

But now Akinyi is speaking out - claiming that Benjamin was “warmly welcomed” by her family when he arrived in Kenya. 

She also suggested that the way the show portrayed her family as aggressive, was inherently racist.


Reality TV shows are known for editing video footage to create drama and suspense, but making a family seem racist is taking it a bit too far.