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82-Yr-Old Shoots 11-Yr-Old & Her Dad Dead For Testifying Against His Dog!!

An 82-tear-old man shot and killed his neighbor and his 11-year-old daughter after they testified against his dog.

According to Port St. Lucie PD, Ronald Delserro's pet, named Roxy, bit a woman who lived at the victims' home back on March 4.

The male victim has been identified as Harper Hansman, 55.

Earlier this week, a judge ruled that the dog was dangerous. Delserro returned to his home to grab two handguns before heading to his neighbors' house and opened fire.

"They all came home from court and then the suspect armed himself and went to the victim's house," St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said at a news conference.

The child made the call before she too, was shot.

"If you heard this call come over the radio, it would make the hair on your neck stand," Mascara said. "A little girl calls in saying: 'there's someone shooting in our house. I think our parents are dead. I think our family is dead.'"

Delserro was also found dead at the scene in an upstairs bathroom.