Mother Accused Of KILLING Her 4-Day-Old Baby . . . Put The Child In The FREEZER . . . And FROZE HIM TO DEATH!!! (Sad Details)

Original: learned that a South Carolina mother is being charged with killing her 4-day-old son - by allegedly FREEZING HIM TO DEATH by putting him in the refrigerator for three hours.

The 27-year-old mother, Angela Blackwell, is charged with homicide by child abuse.

They arrested the alleged KILLER MOM on Monday, nearly six months after her son died. Investigators said they have spent that time taking statements and getting forensic tests done on the baby.

A post-mortem showed that the boy, William David Blackwell, died from hypothermia with asphyxiation from being placed in the cold, according to Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker. First-responders tried to revive him on February 27, but he was pronounced dead at a hospital.