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A 7 year old boy from a Michigan public school is going viral on social media, after a video surfaced which shows him being jumped and beaten by his classmates  - with an adult in the room apparently recording the video.

Here is the video - Warning contains graphic imagery

The incident reportedly occurred inside a second-grade class at the International Academy at Hull in Benton Harbor Michigan.

The video shows the second-grader - whom MTO News will not name - being punched and kicked by his classmates. And the attack is brutal. The little boy was kicked in the private area, then placed in a headlock - while the other classmates taunted and punched him.

Most shockingly, the video appears to be recorded by an adult, as her voice can be heard in the video.

MTO News has confirmed that the victim's mom Carmesha Ellis has seen the video, and notified the school. According to her, the adult in the video - whom she calls the "teacher" - has been placed on paid administrative leave.

MTO News reached out to the Benton Harbor police for comment. So far, we have not been given a response. Local media claims that the police are, however, looking into the matter.

The child's mother also gave this quote to the local press:

If this video has never surfaced, if these second graders had never recorded this, he would have been in school today with the same teacher again

The 7-year-old's father, Dontavious Tyler, gave this quote to the local press:

He wants to kill himself after this, and that's not something you want to hear from your child [He's] seven years old

International Academy at Hull is a public school located in Benton Harbor, MI. It has 342 students in grades K-2 with a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1. According to, the state test scores determine that 90% of students are NOT proficient in math and 85% are NOT proficient in reading.

The website gives the school a D+ rating.

Here is the video - Warning contains graphic imagery