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6lack slammed R. Kelly supporters and called R. Kelly "disgusting" in response to those who continue to support him.

"@rkelly f*cking disgusting" he tweeted.

Before adding:

"this surviving r kelly series really has me pissed to start the new year. get this man tf outta here. please. he beyond trash."

An unwitting fan then decided to stan for R. Kelly even further, responding:

"He paved the way for you still, trash or not he’s the reason you’re here. Slightly disappointed in you." 

But his words only succeeded in angering 6lack even more and the rapper replied:

"b*tch i ain’t ask you sh*t. he ain’t the reason for my existence, God is. now you get tf outta here wit him too."


Social media has been at war since last week since the premiere of "Surviving R. Kelly." Sales of the disgraced singer have spiked since then, only proving that R. Kelly fans place very little value on the lives of his victims and care more about the music.

What a time to be alive.