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6ix9ine To Complete 300 Hours Of Community Service When House Arrest Ends!!

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine's sentence ends tomorrow, but according to his attorney, the rapper still has to complete 300 hours of community service.

During his house arrest, 6ix9ine has stayed out of public view and under the watchful eye of the feds -- but that all ends on Saturday.

Lance Lazzaro told TMZ his client would be released from home confinement by Saturday -- which will allow him to do his community service. 6ix9ine hasn't done a single hour since he's been stuck at home.

According to the outlet, Lazzaro and the rest of 6ix9ine's team are already making arrangements to keep their client safe. They plan to to ask the rapper's probation officer to let him do his time at a highly secured facility, like a VA hospital or even a learning institution of some kind.

If the request is not granted, 6ix9ine could be left out in the open for any of his many enemies looking to exact revenge.