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Tekashi69 details the events which almost led to a brawl with LA's Slim 400 at ComplexCon.

In a TMZ exclusive, 6ix9ine claimed the confrontation was purely down to the fact that 400 cannot feed his children, before calling him "dirty" and "broke" ... 

"Just some dirty a** blood members that don't have no money to feed their daughters, no money to feed their sons. Running around, Pampers, dirty Pampers. Hungry. Gang-banging..." he said.

He also took to the streets of LA to quiz locals on their YG knowledge, asking them to name one YG song. Nobody could. 

YG was quick to respond, asking 6ix9ine why he isn't calling out 400, as he was the one who prevented the east coast rapper from performing at the convention.

"Matter of fact B*tch Nine, where's your chains at? I could have sworn your b*tch ass just got robbed in New York by your own motherf*cking people. Where the f*ck your jewelry at?"

6ix9ine is constantly in drama. It follows him everywhere and he is constantly taking the bait. He would do well to remember that he is currently on a four-year probation. One wrong move and he's behind bars.