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66-Year-Old WWE Star JERRY LAWLER And His 27-Year-Old GF . . . Are Arrested For BEATING EACH OTHER UP!!


WWE legend Jerry “The King” Lawler, who is 66 years old, and his 27-year-old girlfriend Lauryn McBride, were arrested on domestic assault charges Thursday after cops were called to their Memphis home.

Jerry and Lauryn have been living together for the last five years; each told the cops that the other had started the violent fight in the kitchen, leaving police unable to determine who the aggressor was.

Lauryn claimed the wrestler shoved her up against the kitchen counter and hit her in the head. He then went upstairs and brought down a handgun, and asked her to commit suicide.

But Jerry says that Lauryn attacked him, and scratched his face.

The police arrested them both, and later released each one on a separate bail.