6-Foot-2 Inch Tall 250-Pound Woman . . . Was Just Signed To A MAJOR MODELING CONTRACT . . . But Is She 'TOO BIG' . . . To MODEL???


A woman who was repeatedly told she was too tall and too curvy for the fashion industry has just won a competition to become an underwear model.

Student nurse Taylor Rhoden, 23, from Los Angeles, who stands at 6-ft-2, has defied industry norms to win a contract as the next lingerie model for the UK-based Curvy Kate brand. She has also earned a modeling contract with the esteemed True Model Management agency, based in New York.

"I've been turned away from many agencies due to my height. I've always been told that I'm 'too tall'. Although I thought my height and look was beautiful and unique, I felt like the agencies never saw that," said Taylor.

She added: "I am yet to see women that look like me, not only am I tall, I'm also plus size and I'm black, African-American, so I would really like to see someone that resembles me for once in the spotlight - this is an opportunity for me to inspire women all over the world to love the skin they're in."

Tashina Zamlowski from True Model Management said: "When Taylor walked in she lit up the room with her smile and positive energy. She is a beautiful person, inside and out, and we are excited to see all that she accomplishes going forward with the agency."