SHOCK PIC: Man Puts 'MARRIED THOT' On Facebook Blast . . . Minutes After She CHEATED ON HER HUSBAND!! (Wow . .. SAVAGE)


Some folks have no chill. Ruining someone’s marriage is one thing. I know we will get the people who will say “hoes will be hoes” and “If she did it on this night she was going to do it anyways.” But did he really need to air this sh*t out on the Facebook though???

Here's the image of the man and the woman, along with the commentary

Now everyone is planning a game of "Guess That THOT" in the comments and even the original poster is tagging dudes asking if they are missing their wives.

It only took a matter of time for people to figure out who it was and now everyone is sharing this dude’s dirty laundry. If he knowingly took home a girl he knew was married that is already douchey enough. Tagging everyone on FB and posting her booty on there is a different level of dirtbag.

This is what the dude originally posted: "Serio! .. I Am Curious - Who’s Wife Didn’t Make It Home Last Night??? She Ready For Pickup - #SheAThotThotThot #NameThatCrack #SheNeedUber"

And there's more . . . look below at his follow-up comments!!