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BLONDE Who FALSELY CLAIMED She Was RAPED By Three Black Men . . . Gets NO JAIL TIME . . . AT ALL!!! (Details)


Breana Harmon was reported as a missing person​ in March – after her then-boyfriend returned to their shared apartment and found her vehicle abandoned in the parking lot and several of her belongings scattered on the ground.

Police later received a report that a woman matching Breana’s description walked into New Creation Church. Breana told police investigators that she was kidnapped by three black males wearing ski masks​ and taken to a wooded area where she was assaulted and raped by two of the three suspects. She told investigators the third suspect held her down while the incident occurred.

As the investigation went on, police started to notice holes in Breana’s story. Among the discrepancies found was that a sexual assault nurse examiner advised police that there was no physical evidence of a sexual assault taking place.

The following day, a man named Tyler Steele told investigators that he was Breana’s side dude and that they had sex on March 15. After searching his phone, investigators found a Snapchat​ photo dated March 15, 2017 that showed Tyler and Breana lying in a bed. In text messages to Tyler, Breana told him that her engagement was not going well and that her parents were starting to doubt her story.

On March 21, 2017 Breana Harmon confessed to filing a false report. Breana said she had gotten into an argument and decided to go for a walk. In follow-up interviews, Breana said she and her then-boyfriend had been fighting recently and she knew the relationship was not going to last.

In February 2018, Breana pleaded guilty to four felony​ charges of tampering with physical evidence and government documents. She was sentenced Breana Harmon to eight years deferred adjudication​, a type of probation.

If Breana successfully completes the terms set out for her, she will be able to say she has never been convicted of a felony.