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HIP HOP DRAMA: One Day After Rapper Logic Announces DIVORCE . . . Rival Rapper Joyner Lucas . . . SLIDES Up In EX-Wife’s DMs!!

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This weekend rapper Logic and his wife announced that they are getting a divorce.
Almost immediately after the announcement, rapper Joyner Lucas started FOLLOWING Logic’s wife.

The follow did not go unnoticed. Jess had unfollowed her husband Logic on Instagram and later deactivated her page.

Joyner Lucas and Logic have been throwing shots at each other for some time now. And while Lucas shows no sign of easing up, Logic is interested in the beef.

Jessica is also a performer. She has a beautiful singing voice and even accompanied him on stage to sing “1-800-273-8255.” And avid Youtuber, her channel currently has over 21,769,000 views – so she’s a celeb (of sorts) in her own right.

Fans of the rapper weighed in:

“If joyner lucas gets logics wife in a video it’s game over for that beef even if logic came with a back to back type track”

“Joyner Lucas followed Logic’s wife on IG lmao”

“You’re trying sooo hard to be like logic just stop you don’t even have the career to be compared to him”

“It’s kind of sad you want to be for the man who’s all about peace love and positivity and hurt over such little stupid things. He ain’t wanna meet you so what? I think you’re a dope artist but you will never be a Logic. Youre just kinda here for now”

We love a bit of mess at MediaTakeOut, but is Joyner Lucas doing more harm to his career than good. Logic has already obtained a level of success which Lucas is still aspiring to, shouldn’t he be focusing on a mixtape or something?

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