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SHOCK VIDEO: Modern Day African Slave Is Caught On Video . . . BEGGING Her Slave Master For FREEDOM!!


A disturbing video was leaked online – showing an African woman who was captured in Libya and forced into slavery – BEGGING her “master” for her freedom.
The young lady was captured in Libya – and then sold to her new slave masters in Europe for prostitution. The poor woman begged her Madam identified as Queen Godwin to let her go.

According to a report by Aolat Oluwatomisin, Jennifer was billed to pay Queen $50,000 of which she had paid $43,000 remaining $7,000 (all this money was paid out of Jennifer’s proceeds from prostituting herself as she was compelled to).

Jennifer is begging her Madam Queen to let her free, despite having to pay the $7,000 remainder, and the madame refuses.

According to reports, the Madam has Jennifer’s panties and pubic hair in her possession which she is using to threaten her.

Human trafficking from Africa to Europe is more common than most people think. The slaves are brought into the country, some legally using their passports to enter the countries – before their passports are taken away from them until they work off the debt. Many times, the slaves are charged for their lodgings and food and clothing, making it near impossible to pay off the debts. They are isolated, forced into prostitution or other menial jobs – some of them are even threatened with the deaths of their family members back home if they do not keep working.

We are wondering whether the Madam Queen will let Jennifer free now that the video is going viral? Or before the authorities come knocking.

Watch the full video below.

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