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Russian POP Star Caught On Video . . . Allegedly Gave A ‘H*ND J*B’ . . . To Her Boyfriend . . . During Televised Fashion Show!!!

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A Russian pop singer is coming under fire – after video surfaces that reports say – shows her giving some HAND ACTION to her boyfriend, during a fashion show in Russia.
Yulia Berg was caught on camera apparently performing a sex act on Dmitry Torin at a show by designer Bella Potemkina in the capital city of Moscow.

The video, which was filmed by an eyewitness with a smartphone, appears to show Yulia vigorously massaging Torin’s groin under his jacket while looking the other way.

Torin is seen kissing her neck and whispering into her ear in the clip.

Yulia and her eps are VEHEMENTLY denying that she was doing anything inappropriate.

Of course, viewers thought the video was hilarious. Here are some responses to the clip:

“Since she claims it wasn’t a hand job I’d love for her to explain what it was.”

“She’s a hand model.”

“I’m curious as to what he was whispering.”

“Did he finish? I must know.”

“I bit odd, but low key hot…”

“Cleanup on Aisle 3!”

The star is allegedly now threatening to sue anybody who shares the video, including the people who filmed it at the show.

There’s a time and a place for such things. At a public fashion show where everybody has their camera phones out is definitely not the place.

Here is the link to the video