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SHOCK CRIME: Police Say 17 Year Old ANGEL Killed In ‘ACCIDENTAL’ School Shooting . . . But The Story Sounds . . . REALLY SUSPICIOUS!!!

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A 17-year-old senior named Courtlin Arrington was shot and killed at Huffman High School in East Birmingham Alabama.

But it’s the situation surrounding her death that has people near her upset. You see, Alabama police are calling Courtlin’s killing, and “accident” . . . but it sounds like it could be SOMETHING ELSE!!!

The gun that killed Courtlin Arrington has been recovered. And police questioned the 17-year-old boy that they believe is responsible for the killing.

According to the Atlanta-Journal-Constitution, a 17-year-old boy was “showing off a gun” to girls in the school – and they claim it accidentally discharged – killing Courtlin.

Then, police say, the boy put the RED HOT and JUST FIRED GUN into his waistband, and shot HIMSELF in the leg.

These events sound extremely FISHY to us . . .

The VERY POPULAR 17-year-old boy was reportedly shot in the leg but later released from the hospital. He was later questioned by authorities at police headquarters. The boy was a junior and played on the school’s football team.

Courtlin was set to graduate from the school in May and had already been accepted into a college to follow her dreams of becoming a nurse.

On March 6, the teen shared a post that read “Thank u god in advance for what’s about to happen 😍😌💜.”

A now-heartbreaking post made by Arrington talked about the beauty attending the school’s upcoming prom: