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There’s A New CONSPIRACY . . . Around Comedian Tiffany Haddish . . . They Say She’s Being PAID . . . To Make Black Women . . . LOOK BAD TO AMERICA!!!

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There’s a disturbing MESSAGE that’s circulating on social media. According to the message – comedian Tiffany Haddish is being “paid” to make Black women look bad.

Here’s the message:

It’s official, [Tiffany Haddish] signed documents a a few months back. Tiffany Haddish has been prepped and now is the representation of what America wants the world to see how an American BLACK woman’s character is like:

Sexually explicit
Lack of poise & dignity
Fun but unprofessional
Always exaggerating colloquialism used by black women like
-Hey Girl
-Yes Honey
-oh no he didn’t…& etc..

All covered up with the word comedian.

She will be thrown in your face whether you like it or not.

She will be hosting shows ( think Oscar or Grammy & white events with a lot of white celebs in attendance which will garner huge ratings) , attending and speaking at important events, taking on television roles that isn’t meant for her “character” and it’s going to be cringe worthy because that is what she is told to do.

They came to her with this game plan and she has agreed to do it with all the extra-ness. She’s actually really quiet and quite serious but money talks so now she’s changed her entire personality.

It is also said you won’t see a black woman on TV in America that represents poise & elegance unfortunately because it’s not what is wanted at this time.