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Rapper FUTURE Releases New Song . . . ‘I CAN’T WIFE NO THOT’ . .. And The ‘Me Too Movement’ Is UPSET!!!! (LISTEN)


Rapper Future released a new song yesterday – and already it’s causing CONTROVERSY.
The song – which is entitled ‘I Can’t Wife No THOT’ is being blasted by leaders of the ME TOO movement on social media.

Many claim that the lyrics are MISOGYNISTIC – and degrade women and some are calling him a hypocrite and even a thot. After all, he did dog out Ciara, who is now happily married to NFL player Russell Simmons.

Future is allegedly dating Bow Wow’s baby mom’s Joie Chavis, a Queen N’ Lettos dancer.

“i mean, you left a good woman who gave you a son, so what are you other options now?”

“he clearly doesn’t know how to treat them, and i doubt you do either, so why are you speaking? bye”

“But you one…”

“… but you’re the th- nvm carry on”

“Men could be hoes, but they don’t want their women to be hoes 😂 you are a reflection of yourself nigga.”

“4 known baby mamas….. Imagine the ones we don’t know yet….
N*gga got a public d*ck”

“Wait…didn’t he already have a good woman but lost her…for all we know he might have been too busy running after THOT’s😒”

Is the “Mask Off” rapper being a hypocrite? Since blowing up, he’s dated, Ciara. They split amid rumors that Future cheated on her with his wardrobe consultant, Tyrina Lee before he moved on to mega-thot Blac Chyna. Is “I.C.W.N.T.” a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Here is the song – warning the lyrics are VULGAR:

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