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SHOCK VIDEO: Memphis Black Man Is Being Charged . . . With Being A NAZI!!! (Yes . . . This Is REAL)

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A Black man from Memphs - who wears a Hitler mustache is being charged by police with being a Nazi, and a child molester.

Police say that Jermoe Powell reportedly wore Nazi emblems at a Confederate rally and drives a hearse as his personal car.

Jerome Powell is accused by police of trying to lure children into a hearse and touching himself. Powell was arrested by police and gave the interview to WREG-TV to clear his name. (Video below)

Powell refutes police and eye witness claims of his wrongdoing throughout the interview.

The TV reporter asked Powell why he was at a Confederate rally wearing Nazi symbols on his sleeves.

“I can do whatever I want to do,” Powell said. “It’s a free country.”

The TV reporter asked him why he had a mustache that resembles Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“That’s the way I wear it,” Powell said. “I’ll wear it like that until I’m dead and gone.”

The TV reporter asked Powell if he had a dead body in his car. Powell drives a hearse.

“I ain’t never rode with no dead body,” Powell said. “I respect that car for what it is. It’s a hearse.”

“Why do you have a hearse if you don’t have a body in it,” the TV reporter asked.

“That’s my personal car. A lot of folks got cars that don’t have bodies in it,” Powell said. “It’s just a personal car. Something I wanted to have.”

At the end of the interview, Powell was frustrated with his situation and made what sounded like a threat.

“If they really want some get going, I can show them what I really can do,” Powell said. “Like I said, it ain’t got to that point, yet. I hope it don’t. Don’t push me to doing something that is going to affect everybody.”

You can see the interview video below:

'I've got nothing to hide,' South Memphis man says after accusations of trying to lure kids, touching himself

Full interview of the South Memphis accused of trying to lure kids and touching himself.

Posted by WREG News Channel 3 on Tuesday, February 20, 2018