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MTO SHOCK REPORT: 18 Year Old Rapper NBA Youngboy Was Just ARRESTED . .. Facing LIFE In Prison . . . For KIDNAPPING And ASSAULT!!

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Rapper NBA YoungBoy was arrested last night in Tallahassee, Florida – for an outstanding warrant in Georgia – for Assault and Kidnapping.
YoungBoy was supposed to perform at The Moon nightclub in Tallahassee – but the sheriff came and got him before he could perform.

Police stopped NBA YoungBoy’s tour bus — and took him in for allegedly committing assault, weapons violations, and kidnapping.

If found guilty of all crimes – he faces LIFE in prison.

The rapper, who has been hailed as a rap prodigy, had just released his single with Adrien Broner called "All I Want."

The rapper was just released from jail last year. He spoke to XXL about the things he'd like to change upon his release.

"I want to change my image up. They should know what I’m like by now, they should know how we live, so I don’t really gotta flash guns or none of that shit. I got children, I got a lotta bigger things to look forward to, a career. That’s all that really matters. I want to make better music, though. Better than what I've been making."

It seems as though the cops were just waiting for an opportunity to nab NBA Youngboy. It's not clear how they ended up on the bus, but it appears that they got what they were looking for.

His arrest will not be good news to fans of his music but no doubt we'll be seeing #FreeNBAYoungboy hashtags all over social media.

Check out his charges below.