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IT’S GOING DOWN Y’all . . . Oprah And Mo’Nique Are GOING At Each Other . . . Whose TEAM ARE YOU ON!! (DETAILS)

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It’s going DOWN y’all. Oprah and Mo’Nique are going at it. Oprah FIRED the first shots at Mo’Nique and Mo RESPONDED.
It all started when Oprah said that she wouldn’t STOOP to Mo’Nique’s level – and then all HECK broke loose.

Two days ago, Global Grind interviewed. Here’s what Oprah said:

“It’s impossible; it’s a law that if you meet negative with negative, you will just have a combustive negative force of energy. You can’t meet negative energy where it is; you have to rise above it, you have to transcend it. You have to be the light. It only takes a little bit of light to banish the darkness; it takes a lot of darkness to overcome the light. It takes just a little bit of light, and we are warriors of the light. I would never stoop to try to meet somebody where they are negatively. Don’t care who they are.”

Mo’Nique didn’t take lightly to Oprah’s remarks and addressed her directly on Twitter.

“@Oprah there is a difference between negativity for the sake of being negative and there is a difference between the truth which may be negative. If you notice what your not saying is I’ve lied about anything and that is very telling don’t you think. #truthwillsetyoufree”

The signs of these two becoming besties in the future. But we hope that the industry does not blackball Mo’Nique. She should be allowed to speak her truth and still feed her family… but we all know the “Precious” star is far from done.

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