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BREAKING NEWS: Allen Iverson Just LOST His House To FORECLOSURE . . . His Family Got . . PUT OUT IN THE STREETS!!!

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NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson just lost his Alpharetta Georgia home to foreclosure.
Allen’s home fell into foreclosure last year after he stopped making payments on his $1.7 million mortgage.

Allen bought the 7 bedroom, 8 bathroom mansion back in 2006 for 2.19 million.

The house was sold back to the bank at auction in January 2018 for 1.5 million. We’re told that all of Allen’s possessions have been “vacated” from the home.

Back in 2012, he hit the blogs after word got out that he was broke and the courts were forcing him to pay his $860,000 debt to a jeweler, which was crazy because by then, he had earned over $150 million during his time with the NBA. But rumors of his financial struggles had been around or several years before then.

How does a person make over $100 million dollars and ever go broke? Why wouldn't he have invested his money into something tangible? As a father, he owed it to his kids to do that.

But he doesn't seem to have too many regrets about his life. Speaking to Complex back in 2016 he said: "The only regret that I have is not buying into everything that Larry Brown was giving to me. I wasn’t accepting of the gift when I should’ve [been]. A lot more positive things would’ve happened if I had accepted the gift earlier. I’m glad I did accept it, eventually. Better late than never."

Maybe in 2018, his list of regrets would have been different. We hope that he and his family have somewhere comfortable to lay their heads.