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MTO EXCLUSIVE PICS: NBA Superstar KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS Steps Out With His Beautiful RUSSIAN GF . . . And She Forgot Her BRA!!!

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NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns got himself a BADDIE. Look at her . . .

The baller currently plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves and is known for his custom sneaker game. He is also pro legalizing medicinal marijuana for players.

'I think in the right context it would be beneficial. Obviously, everything in moderation. We don't have a Tylenol bottle and take six of them," he told ESPN. "You take what's directed to help you feel better. We have an amazing drug program for our questions, and we have great backing by the association who does so much research, and they do so much great work with that. Whether it's not legal, whether it's legal, they always do a great job of making sure that they give the players every chance to be healthy."

But the player states he doesn't drink or smoke, telling them,

"I've never smoked or drank a day in my life. Anyone who knows me knows I don't drink, I don't smoke. All my friends don't drink or smoke. I've always believed the people you keep around you [represent] who you'll become. I have no animosity or ill will or any belittlement to anyone who smokes or drinks. Everyone has their own hobbies and what they like to do and who they are. So I just personally have never done anything like that. I was just raised a little different like that. I never had anyone [around me] who wanted to do it ... I'm a strong believer, I have a strong mind. So if I don't want to do it no one can peer pressure me into doing it."

It seems that the only vice that this player has is beautiful women. Check out the pictures below.

Here is a pic of the girl

Here is another pic